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    Enterprise Web Hosting

    We offer resilient and reliable web hosting services fully maintained in the UK.

    Artonezero, in association with our long-term partner Servology, have been hosting servers and websites for nearly 10 years from our dedicated hardware in Telehouse North, to service a range of business clients from the finance, membership/association, transport, and housing sectors.

    We have built a resilient and reliable network, which is fully maintained and all data resides in the UK. By default, all server data is backed up nightly to a separate remote location.

    We are able to build custom server hosting configurations to meet specific customer requirements and offer a complete business analysis and systems administration service for demanding needs.

    Technical Information


    • Operating System / Server Software: Debian Linux, KVM, Apache, ISPConfig3
    • Monitoring Tools: NAGIOS /
    • Server Hardware: Dell, Broadberry
    • Backup: RSync


    • Our servers are installed at Telehouse North which is a highly secure facility:
    • Perimeter protected by alarmed fences and PIR detection
    • Gated entrances manned combined with a security management system to ensure no unauthorised access to the site
    • Movement activated CCTV coverage for the Perimeter, Entrances and Loading Docks, Common areas reception and corridors and of course our state of the art suites
    • Single point of entry to our main facilities controlled by time-limited access cards combined with card Independent client card identification access system and integrated digital video camera surveillance
    • Proximity card access is provided from the main data centre building and is issued to provide access only to authorised facilities management suites
    • Strict security processes are in place to ensure delivery and loading of goods are secure
    • Doors fitted with alarms that immediately report back to a manned security suite when unauthorised access is attempted or doors are forced or held open
    • A highly trained Security presence 24/7

    To meet cybersecurity requirements, all routers and servers are regularly updated to latest software patches, firewalling is implemented together with a variety of customer monitoring tools and scripts to keep us fully informed of activity across the network. Good security practice is followed throughout the network.


    By default, all server data is backed up nightly to a separate remote location. Additional backup arrangements can be made as required.

    Key Features:

    • All our servers are hosted in the UK – to meet EU / UK data protection requirements
    • Our main location at Telehouse North in Canary Wharf London,
    • Our secondary location is University of London Computer Centre, Russell Square, London
    • All server hardware is owned by Artonezero or customer
    • The network is fully managed by us
    • Telehouse North, dual backhaul 1Gbps connectivity
    • We run our own BGP routers and have an AS number
    • Member of RIPE – we can issue IP addresses
    • Server hardware is a mixture of Dell and Broadberry servers
    • RAID5 used for all web hosting
    • Dual power circuits to each cabinet
    • All servers are backed up nightly to a remote location
    • High Availability mirrored server cluster hosting is available with Heartbeat / DRBD
    • Shared server hosting or virtual servers available
    • Operating systems ­ Debian Linux used throughout
    • Control panel – ISPConfig 3
    • We provide full domain management services as a Nominet agent and via Joker/Tucow as a reseller
    • Email service also available
    • 24/7 monitoring available via NAGIOS

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