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    10 pitfalls to avoid when choosing a mobile app development services provider

    Offering an impressive mobile app will help to boost your organisation's online presence. As the engagement between people and their smartphones continues to grow, businesses can take advantage of mobile apps to strengthen their online presence and to increase direct engagement with their customers.

    Hiring a professional and experienced mobile app development company is essential for any business that needs custom mobile app development, but in many cases organisations choose the wrong mobile app development services provider for their mobile app project. As a result, organisations end up with a mobile app that is not able to attract and retain customers.

    With thousands of mobile apps out there, and almost as many mobile app development agencies, your app needs to be simple to use and tailored to your customer's needs. To achieve these goals, you need a mobile app development services provider that understands your customers as well as your business goals.

    To make sure you choose the right mobile app service providers for your organisation's new mobile app try to avoid these 10 simple pitfalls, especially if your organisation is ordering a mobile app for the first time.

    1.  Not taking the mobile app company's history into account

    While mobile app development is still a relatively new direction in software development, there are still plenty of experienced mobile app development agencies out there. With this, your organisation shouldn't commit to the very first mobile app agency that you find. The more your chosen mobile app developers specialise in mobile software development, the higher probability that they will deliver an app helps you to successfully meet your business goals.

    When choosing your mobile app development services provider, always ask questions: how long has the company existed on the market? How long have they offered mobile app development services? How many recent project case studies can they show you?

    You will find that experienced mobile app companies are as interested in quality and helping clients meet their business goals as you are as an organisation; their reputation is very important to them. Secondly, if they have a lot of experience in developing mobile apps, it means that you are guaranteed a high-class development service. 

    2.  Aiming for the cheapest mobile app solution

    Understandably, budgets and costs will be key concerns for any organisation looking for a new mobile app. Nevertheless, you should never compromise your vision for a cheaper price. Opting for the cheapest possible mobile app solution can be an easy road to ruin, and in some worst-case scenarios choosing the cheapest solution can mean that the quality of mobile app development work is sacrificed.

    If your organisation is concerned about budget then try to aim for the most cost-effective solution. While it may be true that experienced mobile app service providers cost more money, the truth is that the quality of the finished product will not only save you money in terms of ongoing maintainance, but it will also help your organisation gain and retain more customers than you originally expected.

    3.  Looking for the fastest mobile app service provider

    Yes, time is money, and you may have needed a mobile app "yesterday", but always remember: with mobile apps it is not who, but how. Less experienced mobile app companies may be able to promise a deadline three times sooner than a more experienced agency, but this is because in many cases they cannot create a precise mobile software development estimate. When it comes to mobile app development, the best-case scenario is that your organisation's mobile app takes longer because of the scope of your requirements increases, the worst-case is that you get something different than what you wanted because of cramped development timelines.

    To solve this issue, begin with judging how relevant your app is for your market. If you need to get ahead of your competitors, then begin with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) implemented with a more industry-seasoned mobile app development agency. In some cases, if your app concept isn't new, then it can take longer to develop than a custom mobile application, as functionality will need to be tweaked to make it perfect. 

    4.  Only looking for local mobile app developers

    In many cases, organisations prefer mobile app developers that are local. While this may offer your organisation more convenience, it may also limit your access to quality web developers. These days, you don't necessarily need to be able to meet your app development partner face-to-face, and while choosing a local app developer will offer you more convenience, the truth is Google and other messenger services offer instant communication and project organisation, so local developers are not your only choice.

    When choosing a mobile app developer, it pays to expand your horizons. Don't be afraid of outsourcing your mobile app development to an agency further afield. If you do end up using an agency that is in a different town or city, the expertise will more than often make up for the distance. 

    5.  Not ordering the software requirements specification

    Even the brightest mobile app concepts need to be clarified and reviewed to know whether they will work perfectly for an organisation. Without clarifying and reviewing the mobile app concept in detail, you run the risk of getting a mobile app that is nothing like your original idea.

    When choosing the agency to bring your mobile app concept to life, always ask for the software requirement specification. If the app development company you are choosing doesn't supply this, then that is a cause for alarm. All professional mobile app development agencies will start projects from requirement gathering and business analysis. 

    6.  Choosing a mobile app development agency based only on the number of apps that they have made.

    While you may think to choose a mobile app developer who has developed a large number of apps is a better option, in truth, quantity doesn't always correlate with quality. It may be the case that an agency seems more prolific because they have released apps that have been developed quickly and not of a necessarily high quality.

    When choosing a mobile app development company for your organisation's mobile app, you should begin by carefully studying all the apps on show in their online case studies, and then install them on your device and try to use them yourself. In addition, you may also want to ask the mobile app company whether they have had apps refused by the App Store and Google Play. However, app store requirements are subject to change. This can mean in some cases that if an app is simply not updated, it can be subject to refusal. 

    7.  Preferring only cross-platform mobile app developers

    If your organisation is only interested in cross-platform development, then you may need to be prepared for your product to have limited abilities. Cross-platform apps may be made on the base of on popular frameworks with the aim of reducing costs, but they sufficiently differ in quality from native solutions.

    When choosing a mobile app development agency, try to work with one that offers both native and hybrid development. Consider your chosen mobile app company's experience in native mobile development because cross-platform development isn't always the most suitable solution.

    8.  Not understanding the technology your mobile development agency will be using


    Unfortunately, when it comes to mobile app development, many organisations don't try to familiarise themselves with the technology that the mobile app agency will be using to develop their mobile app. While it is tempting to jump right into a project with a company after you have seen that they have an impressive website and studied their client portfolio, you should always dig deeper to find out the level of skills and competencies of any mobile app company.

    Always consider the technologies that your chosen app development agency will be using to develop your app. Mobile development is a fast moving area of software development. If the agency you have chosen doesn't keep up with the latest trends and technologies, then your app will be out of date almost as soon as it is launched. To overcome this matter, always do your own research into the technologies that your agency will be using to verify that they are at the forefront of the trends and technologies currently in mobile development. 

    9.  Forgetting about a Project Manager

    In many cases, organisations who are keen to start the development process of their mobile app ask to meet the team of developers working on the mobile app, but forget to ask to meet the Project Manager. For most projects, the Project Manager is the mediator between the client organisation and the mobile development team and is an important part of any software development project.

    Before you start your mobile app project, ask to be introduced to the Project Manager. If a company explains that there is no Project Manager then you should approach with caution, as it could result in unnecessary delays in the completion of your project and breakdowns in communication with the development team. 

    10.  Not testing and neglecting quality assurance

    Another common pitfall of organisations when working with a mobile app development agency is not testing the finished app and neglecting quality assurance. When you neglect these two things, you run a high risk of getting an app with lots of mistakes in it, which can further lead to unnecessary further expenses on fixing bugs and other issues.

    When choosing your mobile app development agency, try to clarify whether or not app testing will be included in the project. Any app without testing can result in bugs which will need even more time to fix. This is a waste of your time and money that can be easily avoided through simple testing.



    When developed properly, a mobile app can be a huge benefit to your business. Finding the right mobile app development agency is crucial to the success of any mobile app project, so you need to be diligent. Try to remember these ten pitfalls and apply them to your search for the perfect development agency to create your mobile app.

    At Artonezero, we specialise in creating mobile apps for organisations to help them engage with their customers. For more information on how we can help you with your mobile app project, or if you would like a free estimate of the cost of your project please schedule a free project consultation.

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