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    How long does an inbound marketing strategy take to work?

    If your organisation has recently started an inbound marketing strategy, then you are most likely wondering how long it will take for you to see measurable results. An inbound marketing strategy works in three stages, with some results happening sooner than others. In some cases, results will be happening, but they will not necessarily look like in...
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    5 advanced functionality tips for Joomla web development


    As of August 2018, Joomla powers almost 6% of all websites. Despite the ongoing increase of Content Management Systems (CMS) available, Joomla still remains one of the best CMSs for both simple and complex web development - and it's not hard to see why.

    One of the many great things about Joomla is that it has lots of functionalities available to make your web development much easier.

    However, unless you are a more advanced you and your team are more advanced Joomla web developers, some of these features might seem overwhelming. As a result, you might miss out on some excellent functionalities that will massively boost your Joomla web development skills.

    In this article, we are going to look at some advanced functionality tips that you can use for your Joomla website.

    Ready? Then let's begin. 

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    10 UX Tips to Improve your Website’s Navigation


    Website navigation is one of the most important features of user experience (UX). Having good navigation on your website is critical to your user having a good experience on your website and will determine whether they will carry on to other pages or leave your website.

    Navigation not only determines the success of your website's performance, but it also affects other important factors such as retaining visitors and turning them into conversions.

    Unfortunately, many website owners don't recognise the importance of website navigation and focus on design and multimedia. By dedicating very little attention to creating a website that is easy to use, many website owners are left with a site where people need to look hard for the content they need - which is never good news.

    To help you provide a better experience on your website and to stop chasing your users away, in this article we will look at our top 10 UX tips to improve your website's navigation. 

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    5 free SEO tools to optimise your membership association website in 2018


    Do you need to drive more traffic to your membership association website? An important part of getting people to your membership website includes ranking well in organic search results, which is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in.

    In a nutshell, SEO is about making sure that your membership association website appears prominently on a search engines results page (SERP) when a person types in keywords related to your membership organisation.

    As a membership organisation, it is important that you understand the importance of SEO in your digital marketing strategy, and how best to optimise your membership content for online success.

    SEO is an area that is always evolving, and it can seem daunting if you don't know where to start. If this sounds familiar, then one option available to you is to outsource the work to a digital marketing agency that specialises in SEO. However, if your membership organisation operates on a tighter budget then an agency might be an expensive option.

    There are SEO tools available to manage your membership organisation's SEO yourself - and many of them are free.

    In this article, we have put together 5 of our favourite free SEO tools to optimise your membership association website in 2018. 

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    5 types of email you should send to recruit more members

    5 types of email you should send to recruit more members

    Membership associations operate in a crowded digital environment alongside large cooperates with aggressive marketing tactics and large advertising spends. For this reason, it can be tough for membership organisations to reach their target audiences - especially for membership recruitment.

    With this, how can membership organisations stand out, build visibility, and engage their members in a landscape where the average email user sends and receives 122 messages a day?

    One answer is to use email to build long-term relationships with your members. Rely on your value proposition to stand out from the crowd and build an emotional rapport with your membership. Communicate your membership association's unique value proposition in a way that promotes interest and action. Also, be practical: sometimes members need gentle reminders.

    Here are a few examples:

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    How to speed up your Joomla website


    Is your Joomla website slow? Users hate slow websites, and if your Joomla website is slow then they will abandon your website faster than they usually would which, will majorly damage your conversion rate.

    In fact, if your Joomla site takes more than 2 seconds to load your search rankings could be at risk. Google even says that site speed is used to determine your place in their rankings.

    Joomla is a great platform for building your organisation's website. It is free to use, well-established, and can create highly functional professional websites.

    However, just like those built on other platforms, Joomla websites can sometimes have slow loading times.

    If your Joomla website has slow loading times, then you need to fix the issue fast, before it starts impacting your business.

    To help, here are 9 tips to speed up your Joomla website.

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    7 Inspirational Joomla websites

    With benefits such as ease-of-use and flexibility, it isn't hard to see why Joomla websites are still popular.

    As of August 2018, Joomla powers almost 6% of all websites. Despite the ongoing increase of Content Management Systems (CMS) available, Joomla still remains one of the best CMSs for both simple and complex web development.

    There are many inspirational Joomla websites, and in this article, we will be looking at 10 of our favourites.

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    7 tips to drive traffic to your membership association website


    If your membership association website is part of your organisation's digital marketing and lead generation strategy, then it's important that your membership site content reaches as many prospects as possible.

    With so many prospects using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to find useful content and like-minded peers, building a community around your membership association website has become on of the most important tactics to drive traffic and keep visitors coming back to your website, time and time again.

    By engaging with prospects through social media, comments, online forums and multimedia content, you can increase your membership association's website exposure and build a loyal following from your visitors.

    To reach this stage you will need to drive traffic to your membership site, and in this article, we will look at 7 simple tips you can use to do just that.

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    5 tips to boost social media lead generation


    Whether you are an SME or a large corporate organisation, you will no doubt be aware of the positive impact that social media can have on your marketing strategy. However, many organisations still struggle with using it to boost lead generation.

    With 80% of marketers reporting that their lead generation efforts are only slightly or somewhat effective, it's well worth looking into how social media can be leveraged as part of a successful lead generation strategy.

    In this article, we will talk about some basic tips social media for social media lead generation, and five simple tactics you can you use to help your business improve its leads.

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    4 Local SEO online marketing strategies for SMEs


    If you are an SME who wants to compete with larger corporations who have access to more resources, having strong local SEO online marketing strategies is a must.

    Regardless of what industry you are in, you will always find that there is a competitor who has been around longer and has invested more budget and resource into building their SEO and online marketing strategies.

    In situations like this, it can feel pointless trying to compete with them in terms of SEO and online presence, however, local SEO may be the tool you need to level the playing field.

    Local SEO works in slightly different ways to regular SEO. You don't need to have a huge amount of funding at your disposal or hundreds of backlinks pointing to your site to be visible and relevant to your local audience - you just need to have an understanding of the unique characteristics of local SEO online marketing strategies and apply a few simple strategies to harness them.

    In this article, we will explore four cost-effective local SEO online marketing strategies that your SME can use to give yourself a solid chance of ranking locally.

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    Ten of the best online marketing strategies for your business


    Online marketing strategies are crucial for almost every type of organisation, and not understanding the best ways to drive your business forward can really hurt your chances of success.

    If you are looking for some new ways to boost your organisation's marketing and lead generation efforts, here are ten of the best online marketing strategies. By actioning these high performing strategies into your online marketing efforts you will bring more people to your website, connect with new and returning customers, and create an online marketing strategy that works for your business.

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    How inbound marketing strategy works for membership organisations


    Inbound marketing strategy, like many other marketing methods, goes beyond B2B, B2C, and nonprofit marketing. Inbound marketing also isn't about just closing sales, it's about identifying your target market and building trust with those in it.

    The principles and tactics of inbound marketing strategy apply whether you are a business trying to acquire customers or a membership organisation trying to acquire new members and engage your current members.

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    20 ways to use your membership website to increase member retention


    As a membership organisation, finding ways to use your membership website to increase member retention is likely one of your top priorities.

    The key to making the membership business model work is recurring revenue. If your members don't maintain an active subscription, then your revenue begins to vanish. If this happens, then growing a profitable membership website business becomes almost impossible.

    One of the main appeals of your membership website is that members will get access to new content and training on a regular basis. If you stop doing this, then there is no reason for your members to remain subscribed.

    With a membership website, the subscription is just the beginning of your relationship with your members. As they continue to pay a subscription fee, you continue to provide them with new engaging content and training - there is an ongoing mutual exchange of value.

    By finding ways of retaining your members, you increase the average lifetime value (LTV) of your members. This is a critical part of a membership website business model.

    In this article, we have put together 20 ways that you can increase membership retention on your membership website.

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    5 tips to redesign your website for lead generation success


    In this digital day and age, your website is much more than a digital placeholder. In fact, your website is as important as your bricks-and-mortar business. Your online presence is where many potential leads will encounter your business first, therefore you need to redesign your website for lead generation success.

    If your website is properly designed for lead generation, it has the potential to turn into a 24/7 lead generation machine. If you are currently not generating leads through your website, then the problem may be the design of your website.

    If this is the case for your organisation, then redesigning your website for lead generation makes perfect sense.

    But never fear! This doesn't mean that you will be required to invest lots of time and money into a complete website refurbishment. In this article we have put together 5 simple tips to help you redesign your website for lead generation success. 

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    6 inbound marketing strategy tips every business should use


    Whether you are a startup or large corporate, every type of business needs to have some kind of marketing strategy. The question is, what kind of marketing strategy is the most effective for my business? For many businesses, conventional marketing approaches are too expensive or unwieldy to be employed effectively. This is why many sensible businesses are opting for an inbound marketing strategy.

    Inbound marketing is much more of a whole approach than a list of tactics. An inbound marketing strategy, at its core, is more about attracting prospects to your business rather than finding prospects and going in for the hard-sell.

    Whereas traditional marketing relied on techniques like email lists, cold-calling, billboard advertisements and direct mail, a modern inbound marketing strategy uses organic search traffic, opt-in email forms, and content publication to attract customers.

    Many savvy business owners and entrepreneurs agree that inbound marketing is the best approach for today's businesses, whether B2B, B2C, SaaS, tech, e-commerce, brick-and-mortar and so on.

    At Artonezero, we are an inbound marketing agency in Shoreditch, and we have worked on inbound marketing strategy with many clients. From our experience, we have put together the following six inbound marketing tips that we believe that every business should use as part of their inbound marketing strategy. 

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    Choosing the right secure web hosting service


    If you are ready to launch a new website, choosing a secure web hosting service will be one of your first and most important decisions. Choosing the right web hosting service is important because you will want a fast, reliable website and email service.

    There are lots of secure web hosting service options available, including Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, but the big question is how to choose the right secure web hosting service for your business.

    To help you answer this question, we will cover all that you need to know when choosing the right secure web hosting service in this article.

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    Recruit more members with an inbound marketing strategy


    For decades membership organisation marketing teams have used traditional outbound marketing methods including direct mail, advertisements, and promotional emails to try and capture the attention of prospects and recruit more members.

    The problem for many membership organisations is that these outbound marketing tactics are easily ignored by prospects, and therefore make their success difficult to measure. With this, many membership organisations have found a more effective strategy for demonstrating their value proposition to their prospects: an inbound marketing strategy.

    Inbound marketing is a permission-based marketing strategy that encourages prospects to move through your membership recruitment funnel by attracting their attention, nurturing their interest, demonstrating value, and finally, converting them from prospects to new members of your membership association.

    Inbound marketing uses content marketing methodology to attract members to your organisation, as opposed to you disrupting them. Instead of distributing hundreds or thousands of sales messages at prospects, you share relevant, valuable content with them. 

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    5 simple tips for improving your membership website SEO


    If you are trying to recruit more members for your membership organisation's website, having a successful SEO strategy is key. However, no matter how long your membership website has been established for, without a good SEO strategy in place, it may not rank for keywords and phrases that you are targeting traffic for.

    When search engines like Google and Bing rank your membership website, they consider a combination of things that you do both on and off your website, and in this article, we will look at five simple tips that you can use to improve your membership organisation website's SEO.

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    What does GDPR mean for your mobile app?


    Due to come into effect tomorrow (25th May 2018), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to give individuals in the EU better protection over their personal data, with a particular focus on how it is handled by businesses and organisations. So, how does this relate to mobile apps and mobile application development?

    Because GDPR covers "personal data", it will have a significant impact on organisations within the EU, including both consumer-facing organisations and B2B companies. GDPR defines "personal data" as any data record that could be used to identify an individual, including names, phone numbers and addresses. This also now includes digital information, such as GPS locations, user behaviour, usernames and much more. This means that, in one way or another, all businesses are affected, and if your organisation is looking to develop a mobile app, you will be affected too.

    Another significant change under GDPR is that traditionally, "personal data" was the sole responsibility of the main data owner. However, under GDPR, any company that processes or handles the data will now be responsible for its protection; this includes third parties and cloud providers. 

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    5 reasons to build a mobile application for your membership organisation


    As anyone will tell you, it is a well-known fact that people spend a huge amount of time on their mobile devices. Wherever you go you will see people with their eyes fixed in deep concentration on their mobile devices.

    As a membership organisation, this presents you with a brilliant opportunity; if your members are spending most of their time on mobile devices, this is where you should be too.

    Building a mobile app for your membership organisation presents you with an effective way to communicate with your members. In this day and age, no longer do personalised cards and flyers for your organisation's upcoming news and events work effectively, instead, you need to build a mobile app for your membership organisation to boost member engagement and communication.

    If you are unsure whether or not you should build a mobile application for your membership organisation, here are a 5 reasons why a mobile application can help you improve engagement with your members and help your organisation to provide more value to your membership. 

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