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    How inbound marketing strategy works for membership organisations

    Inbound marketing strategy, like many other marketing methods, goes beyond B2B, B2C, and nonprofit marketing. Inbound marketing also isn't about just closing sales, it's about identifying your target market and building trust with those in it. The principles and tactics of inbound marketing strategy apply whether you are a business trying to acquir...
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    20 ways to use your membership website to increase member retention


    As a membership organisation, finding ways to use your membership website to increase member retention is likely one of your top priorities.

    The key to making the membership business model work is recurring revenue. If your members don't maintain an active subscription, then your revenue begins to vanish. If this happens, then growing a profitable membership website business becomes almost impossible.

    One of the main appeals of your membership website is that members will get access to new content and training on a regular basis. If you stop doing this, then there is no reason for your members to remain subscribed.

    With a membership website, the subscription is just the beginning of your relationship with your members. As they continue to pay a subscription fee, you continue to provide them with new engaging content and training - there is an ongoing mutual exchange of value.

    By finding ways of retaining your members, you increase the average lifetime value (LTV) of your members. This is a critical part of a membership website business model.

    In this article, we have put together 20 ways that you can increase membership retention on your membership website.

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    5 tips to redesign your website for lead generation success


    In this digital day and age, your website is much more than a digital placeholder. In fact, your website is as important as your bricks-and-mortar business. Your online presence is where many potential leads will encounter your business first, therefore you need to redesign your website for lead generation success.

    If your website is properly designed for lead generation, it has the potential to turn into a 24/7 lead generation machine. If you are currently not generating leads through your website, then the problem may be the design of your website.

    If this is the case for your organisation, then redesigning your website for lead generation makes perfect sense.

    But never fear! This doesn't mean that you will be required to invest lots of time and money into a complete website refurbishment. In this article we have put together 5 simple tips to help you redesign your website for lead generation success. 

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    6 inbound marketing strategy tips every business should use


    Whether you are a startup or large corporate, every type of business needs to have some kind of marketing strategy. The question is, what kind of marketing strategy is the most effective for my business? For many businesses, conventional marketing approaches are too expensive or unwieldy to be employed effectively. This is why many sensible businesses are opting for an inbound marketing strategy.

    Inbound marketing is much more of a whole approach than a list of tactics. An inbound marketing strategy, at its core, is more about attracting prospects to your business rather than finding prospects and going in for the hard-sell.

    Whereas traditional marketing relied on techniques like email lists, cold-calling, billboard advertisements and direct mail, a modern inbound marketing strategy uses organic search traffic, opt-in email forms, and content publication to attract customers.

    Many savvy business owners and entrepreneurs agree that inbound marketing is the best approach for today's businesses, whether B2B, B2C, SaaS, tech, e-commerce, brick-and-mortar and so on.

    At Artonezero, we are an inbound marketing agency in Shoreditch, and we have worked on inbound marketing strategy with many clients. From our experience, we have put together the following six inbound marketing tips that we believe that every business should use as part of their inbound marketing strategy. 

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    Choosing the right secure web hosting service


    If you are ready to launch a new website, choosing a secure web hosting service will be one of your first and most important decisions. Choosing the right web hosting service is important because you will want a fast, reliable website and email service.

    There are lots of secure web hosting service options available, including Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, but the big question is how to choose the right secure web hosting service for your business.

    To help you answer this question, we will cover all that you need to know when choosing the right secure web hosting service in this article.

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    Recruit more members with an inbound marketing strategy


    For decades membership organisation marketing teams have used traditional outbound marketing methods including direct mail, advertisements, and promotional emails to try and capture the attention of prospects and recruit more members.

    The problem for many membership organisations is that these outbound marketing tactics are easily ignored by prospects, and therefore make their success difficult to measure. With this, many membership organisations have found a more effective strategy for demonstrating their value proposition to their prospects: an inbound marketing strategy.

    Inbound marketing is a permission-based marketing strategy that encourages prospects to move through your membership recruitment funnel by attracting their attention, nurturing their interest, demonstrating value, and finally, converting them from prospects to new members of your membership association.

    Inbound marketing uses content marketing methodology to attract members to your organisation, as opposed to you disrupting them. Instead of distributing hundreds or thousands of sales messages at prospects, you share relevant, valuable content with them. 

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    5 simple tips for improving your membership website SEO


    If you are trying to recruit more members for your membership organisation's website, having a successful SEO strategy is key. However, no matter how long your membership website has been established for, without a good SEO strategy in place, it may not rank for keywords and phrases that you are targeting traffic for.

    When search engines like Google and Bing rank your membership website, they consider a combination of things that you do both on and off your website, and in this article, we will look at five simple tips that you can use to improve your membership organisation website's SEO.

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    What does GDPR mean for your mobile app?


    Due to come into effect tomorrow (25th May 2018), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to give individuals in the EU better protection over their personal data, with a particular focus on how it is handled by businesses and organisations. So, how does this relate to mobile apps and mobile application development?

    Because GDPR covers "personal data", it will have a significant impact on organisations within the EU, including both consumer-facing organisations and B2B companies. GDPR defines "personal data" as any data record that could be used to identify an individual, including names, phone numbers and addresses. This also now includes digital information, such as GPS locations, user behaviour, usernames and much more. This means that, in one way or another, all businesses are affected, and if your organisation is looking to develop a mobile app, you will be affected too.

    Another significant change under GDPR is that traditionally, "personal data" was the sole responsibility of the main data owner. However, under GDPR, any company that processes or handles the data will now be responsible for its protection; this includes third parties and cloud providers. 

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    5 reasons to build a mobile application for your membership organisation


    As anyone will tell you, it is a well-known fact that people spend a huge amount of time on their mobile devices. Wherever you go you will see people with their eyes fixed in deep concentration on their mobile devices.

    As a membership organisation, this presents you with a brilliant opportunity; if your members are spending most of their time on mobile devices, this is where you should be too.

    Building a mobile app for your membership organisation presents you with an effective way to communicate with your members. In this day and age, no longer do personalised cards and flyers for your organisation's upcoming news and events work effectively, instead, you need to build a mobile app for your membership organisation to boost member engagement and communication.

    If you are unsure whether or not you should build a mobile application for your membership organisation, here are a 5 reasons why a mobile application can help you improve engagement with your members and help your organisation to provide more value to your membership. 

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    What is the right to be forgotten and how does it work under the GDPR?


    The GDPR will come into effect later this month on the 25th of May and will change the way we perform email marketing and data handling. The GDPR will mean that the types of data that organisations can store will revolve substantially around consent. This will place much more power into the hands of the individual and will give them much more control over which organisations store what data, and how it is used.

    Organisations face different rules depending on if they are looking to store B2B customer data or B2C. For B2B marketing, an individual's data can be processed by a company as long as it can be proved that the company is doing so due to legitimate interest.

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    Does your membership website engage your members?


    The key to any successful membership website is engagement with your members, but before we can answer the question "does your membership website engage your members?" we need to define exactly what 'engage' means.  

    In the world of digital marketing, 'engagement' means the way in which visitors interact and respond to your membership organisation's website and other online materials. Variables such as, how long users are spending on your site, where they are going, which pages and how many pages they look at, and how quickly they leave all tell us a lot about your website's engagement.

    The issue that many membership organisations face is that once they have gathered this data they discover that the answer to our question is 'no'. If this is the case for your membership website then you may have also noticed that these metrics have been decreasing and consequently it has had a direct impact on the number of members signing up for your events, purchasing from your shop or even joining your organisation.

    If you have found yourself in this situation, don't despair! Here are a few things you can do to build member engagement.

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    Why offering CPD will draw more recruits for your membership organisation


    "How can I add value to my membership organisation?" This is a question that membership organisations ask us a lot, and also one of the fundamental concepts of running a successful membership association.

    As a membership organisation, no doubt you are always looking to offer something that will set you apart from other associations in your industry who are all working towards very similar goals as yourself.

    This is where the question of value can get a bit tricky, you are probably already investing lots of time and money into keeping your membership website up to date, all of your content and publications are well designed, and the events that you host all offer valuable information to your membership. So what more can you do? 

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    How will GDPR affect your Cookie policy?


    Perhaps you haven't thought about how GDPR compliance and cookies, but with GDPR just around the corner it is now more crucial than ever to find out how regulation changes will impact your organisation's marketing.

    In this article, we will look at how GDPR will affect the way you use web analytics tools, like cookies, in your organisation's marketing strategy.

    Cookies are familiar for most web users. Cookies and other web analytics tools allow business to monitor visitor engagement on their website and follow up with useful marketing content, such as emails and callbacks.

    While Cookies are definitely useful for your marketing team, whether or not they are GDPR compliant is where the matter can get a little bit confusing.

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    How will GDPR affect your membership organisation?

    As you are probably aware, on the 25th May 2018 there will be a huge change to the UK's Data Protection Laws in the form of the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short.

    This change will affect the way in which all B2C and B2B marketers are allowed to store, process and use data.

    Membership associations will be no exception to GDPR, therefore it is vital that you are aware and prepared for when GDPR comes into force.

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    What is GDPR and how will it impact your business?


    Over the past few years, the internet has drastically changed the way we communicate and how we handle our everyday tasks.

    We send emails, share documents, pay bills and purchase goods online on a daily basis; entering our personal details without a second thought.

    But have you ever stopped to think about how much personal data you have shared online? Or what happens to that information once you have shared it?

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    All that you need to know about the Google Chrome Ad Blocker


    Google launches a new version of its Chrome web browser today (15th February 2018), which will feature an in-built ad blocker to try and do away with intrusive ads from the browsing experience.

    There are still some clear standards and unanswered questions relating to Google's new approach, so in this article, we wanted to tell you all you need to know. 

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    Five tactics to boost your digital marketing strategy in 2018


    Every year, the world of digital marketing keeps advancing and what worked well for you last year isn't necessarily going to provide the same results this year. With this, if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need to pay attention to the newest digital marketing tactics and make use of them in your own digital marketing strategy.

    In this article, we will take a look at some of this year's newest digital marketing tactics and explore how you can use them to boost your own digital marketing strategy this year.

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    5 website optimisation tips for lead generation success


    Optimising a website for lead generation is an obvious goal for any organisation that does business online. However, optimising a website for lead generation isn't always simple, and throwing in a call-to-action and a "click here" button on a home page, unfortunately, won't guarantee leads. Instead, marketers and designers need to opt for a more strategic approach.

    In this article, we will look at some simple website optimisation tips to gear your organisation towards lead generation success.

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    5 great websites for mobile app design inspiration


    Mobile app design is a constantly growing field, and as with the field of web design, there is always need for quality design inspiration.

    As with most other areas of design, if you find yourself stuck on a design issue often the best way to overcome it is to look at other great examples of mobile apps that deal offer similar solutions and draw inspiration from them. Of course, when looking for mobile app inspiration, it is important to always keep in mind the client for whom you are designing for, as well the goals of the project.

    Thankfully, there are dozens of examples of sites that gather the best examples of mobile app design that you can use for your own inspiration.

    In this article, we look at five of our favourites websites where you can find great mobile app design inspiration. 

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    4 steps to creating a powerful digital marketing strategy in 2018


    With the new year upon us, it is time to think about how you can boost your organisation's digital marketing strategy to have a powerful impact in 2018.

    Before we dive into how you can go about creating a new and powerful digital marketing strategy for the new year, let's look at some stats. According to Smart Insight's 'Managing Digital Marketing' study, 16% of brands have a digital marketing strategy, but they are yet to integrate it into their marketing activity. On the other hand, a staggering 46% of brands don't have a defined digital marketing strategy at all. For brands without a defined strategy, this creates a big issue: how can you expect to grow and innovate your business, and measure meaningful results and data if you haven't a strategy in place to begin with?

    For those who want to know how to create a powerful digital marketing strategy, the first port of call will probably be a simple Google search. However, if you Google search "digital marketing strategies" you will get roughly 45,200,000 results - and that's just pages with that exact phrase in the title.

    To help your organisation create a powerful digital marketing strategy in 2018, we have put together a list of four straightforward, but effective, techniques to get your digital marketing where it needs to be in 2018. 

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